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Sound of Music for Phoenix Kessaku

Sound of Music is a leading technology solution provider for homes, enabling eminent living spaces with unique integrated solutions. The underlining idea is to create a truly secure, connected and comfortable living experience.

Sound of Music has certain core values which govern each of its integrated solutions at Phoenix Kessaku. Based on a belief that technology should be invisible, easily accessible and supremely user-friendly, the following core values are synonymous with Phoenix Kessaku’s central theme:

Life at Phoenix Kessaku is

• Effortless

• Secure

• Accessible

• Intelligent

• Convinent

• Connected

• Maintained

• Integrated

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Access and Security

Communication post: unmanned, first line of access control. Robust operations include long range RFID for car video communication between the apartment and visitors.

Lift control panel – biometric access / code access to your private floor.

Private level access – apartment level video door phone.

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Mood preferences, scene settings, comfortable ambience and zone lighting are achieved using high levels of personalized settings.

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AV Control

Complete HDMI solutions enable high-performance signal management with groundbreaking features, designed to deliver trouble-free switching and distribution of all your media as well as all AV Controls.

4bhk super luxury apartments


One-touch operations, continual system updates and scene settings make shade operations a worry-free task. Integration with other systems enables it to be a near predictive experience.