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Phoenix Kessaku is as conscientious a building as it is exclusive. We believe in sustainable and responsible living and Phoenix Kessaku epitomises that belief in every amenity and feature.

• Large glazed windows allow for plenty of natural light and cross ventilation, conserving power.

• Charging stations have been provided to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

• Provision of bicycle parking spaces to promote use of alternative transportation.

• Rainwater harvesting helps conserve water and replenish the water table.

• Gardens and landscaped areas are irrigated with recycled water.

• Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints are used for internal coatings and sealants to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

• Design and architecture is sensitive to the needs of the differently abled.

• Designed for IGBC gold certification.

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Waste Management

A comprehensive waste management plan following best practices, will effectively render Phoenix Kessaku a Zero Waste Zone.

The four categories of waste that will get classified at source are: Wet waste / organic waste, dry waste / recyclable waste, sanitary / medical waste and rejects. 86% of wet, dry and garden litter will be processed and managed through composting and recycling within the well designed processing units within the development . A special e-waste stream that includes dry cell batteries and CFLs will also be recycled on site while sanitary waste will be sent to a medical waste facility. Rejects that are unmanageable on premise will be sent to designated landfills. Waste management systems have been designed on a report done by Sahaas – an NGO that works with BBMP on effective management of waste.