Phoenix Kessaku – A Beautiful Ensemble of Spartan Designs and Japanese Aesthetics

To some of us, our home is more than a place to stay. It’s a statement. We want our homes to tell a story, one of beauty, history & legacy, something people will remember us by. Which is why, the architects at Phoenix Kessaku have spun a beautiful tale, inspired by remnants of history & unique artistic ideals. Here’s how the story goes.


The Spartan Saga

Wild, rustic,stripped down to the barebones. That’s what Spartan Architecture is all about. Courtyardssurrounded bylarge verandahs & gardensoverflowing with fruits trees & herbs. Interiors, not embellished with gold or silver, but the glint of sunrays, reflecting off the indoor pools.Huge windows that let in oodles of light, adding charm to the austere natural interiors.Unfortunately, most Spartan artifacts did not stand the test of time, but the art certainly did.


According to a study published byLegends & Chronicleson ancient Sparta, it was a statethat was built upon skills & knowledge, rather magnificence &grandeur.Their lifestyle was about preservation rather than celebration.Simple and purposeful, Spartan homes revolved around the concept,‘less is more’.


Lately, there has been a resurgence. Spartan design principles have begun to influence modern, contemporary architects. The result? Homes that are functional, rooms fitted with essentials for daily life, selective furnishings & fixtures, built with natural elements.


The Japanese Touch

Japan is a country that has served as a source of cultural and technological inspiration to amyriadof cultures. In recent times, some of theirtraditional techniques have been an inspiration in artistic areas too. Traditional, vernacular& minimalistic, the home designing methods of Japan is now popular influence on builders & architects around the world.(Japanese Architecture – Arch Daily).


The Kessaku Way

There is one feature that both cultures share in common – Simplicity. According to Arshia Ladak (Director, Phoenix Kessaku) the idea of simplicity in complexity ‘Shibui’ (Japanese) allows for subtle & complex details/textures to existwithin theperfect balance of beauty &purpose. It ensures meaning, enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the house.


With simple yet magnificent interior décor, ample space to breathe and move around, &nature-friendly architecture, the builders of Phoenix Kessaku have also blended Spartan living with Japanese architecture in the most seamless way possible. Experience an elegant & balanced way of life without compromising on comfort, luxury & freedom. Enter the realm of Phoenix Kessaku today.

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