Grab a pen & a notepad. It’s time to add a few luxurious destinations to your bucket list. Everyone needs a vacation to let off the workplace steam & gather memorable moments. Phoenix Kessaku, a luxurious spot gives you a perfect ambience to prepare for the travel destination. Here are 5 destinations to which you can book your next flight.

Galapagos Islands: Ecuador
Since its discovery in the 16th century, the Galápagos Islands have captivated the visitors across the globe. The islands, known for its gigantic tortoises, is home to a unique ecosystem that largely evolved without outside influences. The destination offers an exceptional opportunity for wildlife captures. Astonishingly, the Galápagos Islands remain to be regarded as one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. And what’s more? The formation of the islands is still in progress. The main attraction of these islands is the sight of the birds. Decorated with 28 unique species – Galápagos penguin, flightless cormorant, and waved albatross among others.


Antarctic Archipelago: Antarctica

There is a multitude of smaller islands found off Antarctic Peninsula. While a few are accessible, others are isolated. Cuverville Island is considered as the breeding ground for Gentoo Penguins and Brown Skuas. Popular with Adelie and Gentoo Penguins, Petermann Island is the southernmost point of most cruises. On Danco Island, Weddell and Crabeater seals can be seen. If you are lucky, Zodiac trips take you out to these remote harbors and surrounding fjords.


Valparaíso: Chile
Chile displays diverse sights for the travellers. The cultural capital of Chile and a historic part city, Valparaíso‘s beauty is cherished by Chileans and visitors alike. The destination is widely known for its unique street art and winding roads. Here, you can get a lay of the land when you first arrive by trying out a walking tour through Valparaíso Tours 4 Tips. The Paseo Yugoslavo lookout offers mesmerizing views and excellent photo opportunities.

The Mamanucas: Fiji
Mamanucas, breathe a sigh! Here is the nature’s previous piece with a perfect string of wee white sand isles that hover in blue water. A true hallucination like effect of the paradise. Meanwhile famous surf spots like Cloud Break lure in wave riders and their families are very welcoming to the visitors.


The Conservatorium
Think Amsterdam, think vibrancy! But hold the thought because the capital city is undergoing a renaissance as world-class cultural destination with renowned art museums. The city nicknamed the ‘Venice of the North’ hosts some of the best architectural monuments, 5-star hotels, and more. The Conservatorium blends history with modernity in a 19th-century architectural gem. Witness the best of the luxurious world.


Pack your bags and get going to five of the most wonderful sights in the world. Travel where your heart takes you from the luxurious paradise, Phoenix Kessaku. Know more here

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