AN ODE TO SHIBUI – The Aesthetics Behind Phoenix Kessaku

Several hundred years ago, Japanese aesthetic principles were found upon the fundamentals of everyday life. They reflect upon norms that people ascribed to, or rather aspired to embody in their day to day lives.

Dating back to the 14th century, Shibui originally referred to a sour or sharp taste, specifically in allusion to persimmons. With the advent of the Edo period, it came to be known as a popular term used to describe a particular aesthetic ideal – beauty in simplicity.

Shibui – The Art of Celebrating Simplicity

Shibui is not just limited to the world of art & fashion. Essentially, it’s a beckoning to see complexity & beauty in all things understated and direct, yet immensely meaningful, without having to be ostentatious.

According to Dr. Soetsu Yanagi, Shibui has 7 main elements to it.

  • Simplicity – Absence of flamboyance
  • Implicitness – Depth of meaning & expression
  • Modesty – Leeway to learn & develop
  • Naturalness – Utter spontaneity
  • Everydayness – Joy in the ordinary
  • Imperfection – Interpretations within oneself
  • Silence – Resolution of opposites

Together, these elements help in creating resonant art that speaks volumes in quiet expressions. Unlike its counterparts, Shibui seeks purpose in irregularities & asymmetry, making it a less rigid & a more superfluous way of looking at things.

It strikes a wonderful balance between beauty & complexity, giving birth to an immortal allure that appeals to any setting or time period. In fact, today, after several millenniums, it still finds a place amongst artists & connoisseurs of fine living, and not to mention, several modern architects.

Phoenix Kessaku – A Testament to Shibui

Nestled in the heart of the city, on No. 1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, is a masterpiece in the making. Conceptualised around Shibui aesthetics, it brings to you a finer side of life. One beyond just comfort & amenity.

Phoenix Kessaku is Bangalore’s most premium elevation, harbouring five resplendent ultra-luxury residential towers – Sora, Niwa, Mizu, Faia & Zefa, based on the five natural elements. It is equipped with sophisticated concierge services, home automation & two exclusive clubhouses (Midori & Kaze) that are beyond measure.

Kessaku means a ‘masterpiece’. True to its meaning, every home is a triumph in itself. Although inherently, they are simple, functional spaces that facilitate finer living at its best. They have been designed ergonomically with the meticulous use of every single square foot. They have been scrupulously crafted to meet global standards, while remaining culturally pertinent.

It’s perfect for ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives. For those who seek abundance in luxury, in the most the understated way. And for those who comprehend complex beauty in the simplest of things.

Phoenix Kessaku is an enigmatic masterpiece waiting to be explored. To know more click here.

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