A Touch Of Finesse – Choosing the Right Décor For your Home

Every home has a certain aura to it. Some have the rustic charm of the countryside. Some are sleek, edgy and modern. Some are in between, a marvelous fusion of the old and new. But essentially, every home is a reflection of its owner. Every room speaks oodles about his/her tastes. It pays tribute to their personality. It is a true test of their aesthetic sense.


Are you currently transforming your house into a tasteful, classy home?  We know, the pressure is immense. Even if the colours, the contrasts, and the contours fall into place, the million-dollar question is – ‘Will it feel like home?”


Worry not. There is middle a ground between comfort & luxury. An amalgamation of grace & grandeur. You just need to find it.


We did, at Phoenix Kessaku.


At the crux of our masterpiece is Shibui. The simplicity in complex details. The balance between beauty and purpose. It comes from 17th century Japan, when artists marvelled at understated allure, in the naivety of unostentatious, direct artistic strokes. Today, standing tall on Dr. Rajkumar Road is a masterstroke that pays tribute to the movement. Phoenix Kessaku is a marvel waiting to be explored by connoisseurs from the finer side of life.


In collaboration with Studio Wrap, we created an award winning mock flat that truly embodied the vibe we were going for – ‘The Fine Art of Living. Perfected.’ We used art by India’s traditional craftsmen and modern artists. We made sure every room had a story to tell and places to take its residents. From exotic inlay work to monotones, tasteful marble/metal, and sculptural cabinetry, we carefully crafted & chiseled every detail.


Your home at Phoenix Kessaku is a blank canvas. To turn it into your own personal masterpiece, here a few tips. Let’s begin with choosing the right art & décor for your home.


Start Somewhere. Dig into your roots.

Let’s begin with the family memorabilia. An art piece you’ve been treasuring for ages. Or a personal creation. Choose where it goes. Let it set the tone for what the room will look like. Pick wall colours, drapes, and furniture, accordingly.


Do the Fusion

Make sure to visit our mock flat. Get a sense of how you can marry two ideas together in a seamless way. What you can take from each of them, and what to discard. It could be a traditional/modern fusion, or a blend of pastel colours. Decide what it’s going to be.


Know the Story

Never pick art that doesn’t speak to you. Don’t pick it for aesthetic value alone. Do your research before you acquire it. Know more about the artist, the history of the artefact/art, the themes covered, etc. Let that guide your creative energy.


Choose the Emotion

Make the right choices based on the emotions & vibes you’d want to evoke from each room. For instance, keep your living room bright. It’s a common room, and the first thing anyone sees when they visit.


Well, you can do all this and more. You can go solo or seek professional help. If you’d like the latter, why don’t you pay our mock flat a visit? We can put you in touch with the finest artists & designers in the world. If something catches your eye at the flat, we can arrange for that too. Book a visit at Phoenix Kessaku today.

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